KVM IPv4 Networking Setup

Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) is the fourth version in the development of the Internet Protocol (IP). It is one of the core protocols of standards-based internetworking methods in the Internet, and was the first version deployed for production in the ARPANET in 1983.

Every virtual server comes with atleast 1 IPv4 address.
ATTENTION: Please use the reconfigure networking function in SolusVM to configure your IPv4 networking on 99% of operating systems.
Warning: Netmask is always!
Automatic Instructions
In a terminal as root run the following:
  • route add GATEWAYIP dev eth0
  • route add default gw GATEWAYIP
Manual Instructions
Redhat (CentOS, Scientific Linux, ClearOS and other derivatives)
    1. Assuming that your interface is eth0, create /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/route-eth0 and it should look like the following.
GATEWAYIP dev eth0
default via GATEWAYIP dev eth0
  1. Save and restart!
Debian (Ubuntu, Crunchbang, SteamOS and other derivatives)
    1. Assuming that your interface is eth0, add the following to the bottom of/etc/network/interfaces.
post-up route add GATEWAYIP dev eth0
post-up route add default gw GATEWAYIP
post-down route del GATEWAYIP dev eth0
post-down route del default gw GATEWAYIP
  1. Comment (#) out the Gateway line in the eth0 clause.
  2. Save and restart!
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