Unfortunately it appears we have lost a disk on CA-VPS6.  We are waiting for it to be replaced via OVH.  Once replaced, it may take a bit to rebuild things. Once that is completed VM details will be issued.  Extremely sorry for the trouble.  This was a SSD that died.  There were no warnings or otherwise.


--Update #1:  It looks like OVH is finally getting to replacing the disk, at least the server has dropped from IPMI, that is the only reason I can see for it to happen.

--Update #2:  They replaced the wrong disk...  :(

If anyone would like to be placed on CA-VPS7, please open a ticket and I can see about doing so!

--Update #3:  Replacing the disk that was replaced incorrectly is taking longer than I expected.  This will be the last update tonight.

Best ETA: early morning of 05/31.

--Update #4:  Back at it!!  (Small addition to update #4, Motherboard failed during the night.  Checking server now to see if disk is possibly fine and motherboard was original issue..)

--#5 aka Hopefully the last update!!!

IPMI failed last night and that led to a failed motherboard.  The motherboard was replaced overnight and all disks appear as they should.  No read errors, etc.  Please for everyones sanity, set up backups if you don't already have them or check out our nightly backup addon at $1 a month.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

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