Issues with CA-VPS7 and going forward

Good morning! This is an emergency announcement, over the next few days I will be migrating users off of CA-VPS7 and onto CA-VPS6.  IPv4 will not change, IPv6 will.  This is a precautionary effort to prevent degradation of service.  I am extremely sorry for the short announcement. Update #1:  Some IPv4 will change, if you are affected I ... Continuare »

30th Iul 2018
CA-VPS6 Issues

Unfortunately it appears we have lost a disk on CA-VPS6.  We are waiting for it to be replaced via OVH.  Once replaced, it may take a bit to rebuild things. Once that is completed VM details will be issued.  Extremely sorry for the trouble.  This was a SSD that died.  There were no warnings or otherwise.-Phil--Update #1:  It looks like OVH ... Continuare »

30th MaI 2018
KS-WEB1 Issues (NOCIX)

We are working to have this corrected as soon as possible.  There was an uncommunicated issue that nocix disabled the server over.  Sorry for the trouble.  Should be up any minute now...Edit:  I did not make this public initially.  Sorry for the mess up on my part.  The server is up.  Was only down approx 10 minutes.  If you have any ... Continuare »

5th Feb 2018
Upcoming Changes In January 2018!

VPS Changes and Upgrades Scheduled: 01/01/2018  Completed! We are moving from SolusVM to Virtualizor No downtime is expected VM's will be managed via WHMCS / Billing system KS-Web1 Changes and Upgrades Scheduled: 01/05/2018  Completed! New server More CPU + RAM + Disk ... Continuare »

3rd Ian 2018