Jul 30th Issues with CA-VPS7 and going forward

Good morning! This is an emergency announcement, over the next few days I will be migrating users off of CA-VPS7 and onto CA-VPS6.  IPv4 will not change, IPv6 will.  This is a precautionary effort to prevent degradation of service.  I am extremely sorry for the short announcement. Update #1:  Some IPv4 will change, if you are affected I ... Läs mer »

May 30th CA-VPS6 Issues

Unfortunately it appears we have lost a disk on CA-VPS6.  We are waiting for it to be replaced via OVH.  Once replaced, it may take a bit to rebuild things. Once that is completed VM details will be issued.  Extremely sorry for the trouble.  This was a SSD that died.  There were no warnings or otherwise.-Phil--Update #1:  It looks like OVH ... Läs mer »